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A wide range of testing equipments and test methods are available to ensure product quality. In addition, E-test, missing holes checking and visual inspection are performed on 100% of the finished PCBs.

Some highlights of our testing and inspection capabilities:
  • 100% electrical test
  • In process control
  • Ionic contamination test with Ionograph (upon request)
  • Ionic chromatography test machine for determining levels of bromide, chloride, fluoride, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate & sulfate (upon request)
  • AOI machines for checking external and internal layers
  • X-ray machine for measuring coating thickness of metallic layers
  • Two-dimensional auto vision measurement machine for measuring mechanical dimensions
  • Peel Strength test machine for copper adhesion
  • Micro-section analysis
  • Water absorption test
  • OSP coating thickness
  • High-pot test
  • Flying probe test
  • Missing holes checking
  • Automatic visual inspection machine